Our Adult Division is specifically designed to support artistes who are 17 years and older – just as our Kidz Division does the same for those under -17. This has helped us deliver support in the very best way – taking account of age, experience and personal ambitions. Our team has enormous personal experience in the industry and we work with you to provide mentoring, training, placement and tailored agenting services precisely in line with your needs. Our working philosophy and mode of operation are firmly founded on the spirit of our mission statement:

Our client mission statement

‘We at BAM serve our clients in the television, film and theatre industry in an honest, enthusiastic and loyal partnership, because by putting the genuine best interests of those we work with first, we collectively achieve our personal and professional aspirations.’

How we work with you

Our client-centred approach means three things for you:
1. You will never be made to feel like an ‘anonymous commodity,’ because to us you’re a partner in our shared aim of getting you where you want to be.
2. We proactively seek opportunities for you, developing our focus as we get to know you and as we collectively identify your personal strengths and goals.
3. We tell you the truth – while always remembering that we work for you. We make it our principle to share feedback, advice and suggestions to best help you realise your goals.

A focus on families

BAM has a particular specialism in working with performers who work as a family. We have made a considerable contribution to the success of clients such as the Adom Family, Blair family and The X Factor finalist Maria-Sandra Lawson and Son Brandon. We put our success with families down to our own ‘family’ approach, which is personable and friendly at all levels.

What happens on a day-to-day basis

When we first get together, we have an informal chat about you, your background and what you’ve been doing recently. We’ll also discuss your strengths and what you’ve already been doing, if anything, to advance your career. We just want to make sure our service is organised around your skills and experience. Then comes the exciting bit – we’ll help you put together a plan for the next few years – one which makes sense to you and fits you personally. We do not believe that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is right in such an individual and diverse industry so we always create a tailored plan for you. Once we’ve got the plan put together to your satisfaction, we go ahead and implement it, making changes along the way to fit with the unpredictable world we live in.

It’s a fascinating process, and as we go along this should make perfect sense all the way through. And when you’ve got ideas or want us to change something, we’ll work to keep it right for you.