BAM is all about being successful by making you successful too. That means we need you to make it! It’s very motivating for us because we have to do what it takes to make sure you make progress as far and fast as possible. In fact, we measure our success by how well you do.

In keeping with this vision, we aim to do more for you than any other comparable talent agency. That’s why we run a training division. This consists of training we can give you directly, coupled with direct contact to specialists in the industry who can give you the best skills support available.

Our training strategy

We know what you need because we’ve been through the entertainment industry ourselves. We did well when we got the right advice, and we sometimes got it wrong when there was nobody to help us. We don’t want that to happen to you! That’s what our training division is all about – to save you learning everything the hard way. Our training is all about outcomes – so you can measure the difference in your performance thanks to what we do. If that doesn’t happen, then we’re not happy either.

Why our Course ? 

The industry is rapidly changing and evolving, and now more than ever, you need to be able to visibly show what you can do as an actor. What we mean by this having credits or industry training is no longer good enough. They need to see what you can do! A show reel coupled with the correct style head shots are essential, to help you get in front of casting directors and secure those roles. there are many auditions, where without a showreel you will not be considered let alone be invited to a casting.

Here at BAM we believe in talent and growth, because of this we have teamed up with Scene for Screen to offer you the chance to learn from industry experts, get yourself an bespoke professional showreel and head shots; all in one place, for once price, in one package. As well as this, get yourself seen by Sam brown! owner of BAM and leading Casting agent, with the potential to get signed and take your first steps or even continue your journey in the industry. To top it off; Scene for Screen, BAM and Area 39 have called in favours from some of the most notorious actors and directors to share some tips and words of wisdom, giving you the right tools to succeed.